CIDOC Training 2018

Museum Documentation, Principles and Practice
ICOM CIDOC Training Programme in Museum Documentation
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CIDOC, the ICOM International Committee for Documentation, in collaboration with the Museum of Texas Tech University, has created an innovative programme of training in Museum documentation, theory & practice. The programmme has now been running since 2011 and hundreds of museum professionals throughout the world have taken part.

Intended both for experienced museum personnel and for newcomers to the field of museum documentation, the programme brings together established experts - members of CIDOC and university faculty - with documentation professionals seeking guidance and training. The CIDOC Summer School takes place annually, at different locations, and is offered in a variety languages.

The programme aims to be both comprehensive and accessible. The courses are conceived as a series of interrelated modules, allowing participants to tailor the curriculum to their individual needs and interests. Both basic and advanced level topics are covered, leading to a certificate on successful completion of the core programme.

CIDOC works in close partnership with related organisations, to ensure quality and consistency, and to make sure that the programme reflects evolving needs.

For more information about CIDOC Training Programme contact Nicholas Crofts, chair of the CIDOC Training Association: <nicholas.crofts[at]>.