CIDOC Summer School
University of Tartu
August 12 - 17, 2018

Digital Cultural Heritage
ICOM CIDOC Training Programme in Museum Documentation


Students receive a certificate of participation for successful completion of CIDOC training modules. On completing the core programme, participants receive a certificate of comptence from ICOM/CIDOC.

Prerequisites and responsibilities

There are no prerequisites for introductory courses, nor do students have to be members of CIDOC. Course expectations include: class preparation - reading all materials in advance and preparing answers for topical questions; attendance and participation in discussions and in-class assignments, accurate, timely completion and submission of course assignments; and adherence to accepted standards in written assignments. Students will have the opportunity to provide evaluation of both the tuition and the support material at the end of each module, helping us to improve the Summer School from year to year.

CIDOC Core Programme

CIDOC Summer School program consists of modules that are classified by level of difficulty:

  • 100 - introductory modules
  • 200 - intermediate modules
  • 300 - advanced modules
  • 400 - specialist modules

The core CIDOC training programme consists of eight mandatory foundation-level modules (101-122), plus six intermediate or advanced-level courses chosen from the catalogue. One of these must be module 403 Independent Study.
During 2018 CIDOC Summer School in Tartu, we will focus on level 300 (advanced modules), therefore a prerequisite to participate in Summer School is to pass the pre-test about levels 100 and 200. The pre-test questions are available after the end of registration, since June the 15th. We are looking forward to read your written answers until July the 15th. More precise information about pre-test questions will be available in the registration e-mail posted to you after the registration to CIDOC Summer School.

Students may follow classes at any CIDOC Training event in any country. There is no time-limit for completion of the core programme. On completion of the core programme, participants receive a certification of competence from ICOM CIDOC.